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Knoxweb are the leaders in mobile web design and have been developing websites since 1996. From web design to online marketing and mobile apps, you can depend on Knoxweb to take you to the top of the search engines. A web design is important, but it needs to be mobile responsive.

mobilewebdesignWithout a mobile web design your ranking won’t be the only thing that is affected by motivation, or lack of it. Knoxweb are the leaders and can help your mobile responsive website shine.

Mobile Web Design is Essential

Your postcard to the world is your website. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, or antiquated, you will lose business. Worse yet, Google will punish you for it.

If you follow the Knoxweb Blog, you will remember that Google penalized businesses who weren’t mobile friendly. That deadline was back in April of 2015. Fast forward to four years later, and some large corporations are still not using a mobile web design. As a result, they aren’t at the top of the search engines.

What is a Mobile Web Design?

Mobile responsive websites allow the user to view your site on all devices as it conforms to any size screen. A mobile web design puts you in control of your audience. A website that is mobile responsive means you don’t have to scrunch or pinch the screen to read content. However, it’s not just the landing pages that need to be mobile friendly.

Unfortunately, some large corporations have great mobile friendly landing pages only to send you to a page that isn’t located on a mobile web design. This will turn off potential buyers in droves. You need to make sure that your entire website is mobile responsive, not just a few pages.

A Mobile Web Design for the Best Results

Back in the day businesses would have two URLs, one for desktop use and one for mobile use. This type of website is mobile friendly. A mobile friendly website is like a regular website, but shrinks to accommodate screen size. However, you still have to scroll, pinch, and zoom. Thankfully, that has changed with the introduction of mobile responsive websites.

Why Do I Need a Mobile Web Design?

Smartphone use has surpassed desktop use. With that being said, you must have a mobile web design. A mobile responsive web design uses one URL for all platforms. That means regardless of what the user is browsing on, whether it be a desktop or mobile device, the website will automatically modify itself according to screen size.

A mobile web design also leads to faster web pages. Studies show that people who search on a mobile device will leave your website if it takes more than two or three seconds to load. If your website is not optimized for mobile users, it will take longer to navigate.

What Are The Advantages of a Mobile Web Design?

One of the biggest advantages of a mobile web design is mobile traffic. According to Knoxweb, over half of the web traffic from the top sites in the United States came from a mobile device and that was back in 2015. You can only imagine what that figure is four years later.

Lower maintenance is another advantage of a mobile web design. Having two separate sites means more support. Also, a responsive mobile web design ensures a user-friendly experience on every screen. With two URLs, you need two strategies for content and two interfaces, which usually lead to two web design teams. Responsive websites mean less time for maintenance and more time spent on content and digital marketing.

Higher Conversion and Better SEO with a Mobile Web Design

With a mobile responsive web design, you will also enjoy higher conversion rates. A consistent experience across all web devices is the key for higher conversions. Having a single website means no redirection. If users are redirected it will take longer creating frustration for potential clients and customers.

Responsive mobile web designs are essential for SEO. Search Engine Optimization requires better content and strong backlinks. Responsive websites also avoid duplicate content, which is always the case if the company has two URLs. Google will not reward you for duplicate content, which will impact your ranking on the search engines.

A Better Browsing Experience with a Mobile Web Design

Talk to the professionals from Knoxweb about a mobile web design because a mobile responsive web design means a better experience for your users.

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